Sept 23, 2020


10 kg




I am sweet and innocent, very affectionate and a little flirtatious especially when I smell treats or want to be held. I am loyal and brave for my petite 9 kilos although I rarely bark or growl unless I think we have an intruder. Some people call me a ‘cuddle bug’ as my favorite pastime is snuggling and napping with my humans and my fur is irresistibly silky soft! My foster mom says that I’m a good traveler in the car and even on long trips. That’s because I want to be with my family and I’m always up for a new adventure. Since I’m only nine months old I have lots of energy for daily walks and exercise. I love to run lightning-fast figure eights while playing fetch in my yard with my toys. I also enjoy beach walks. I have an old injury to my back right leg but that never slows me down! My foster dad taught me how to sit and wait for my food until he says ‘take it’ and he says I’m a smart girl. I get along well with other dogs, kids and everyone who treats me with kindness. I have so much love and devotion to give. If you are looking for a cuddle bug cutie pie Beebie fur baby, I’m your girl! I will fill your life with love and joy and fun and cuddles for years to come.


PATA was notified about me by a concerned neighbor. I was on heat and many male dogs tried to impregnate me. PATA arranged for me to be seen at their spay clinic but I was too sick with tick fever to be spayed. I was malnourished and anaemic, just skin and bones. And I had old unknown injuries to my back leg.

When PATA told my owners I was sick they said they didn't want me anymore. I was scared and timid and my soft, soulful eyes reflected how sad and neglected I was. But slowly through PATA's love and care, I started to feel better and gain confidence. I have now come so far but there is still one thing I need; my forever home.