May, 2019


26 kg




I am super loving and affectionate, and always happy to spend time with my human. I am a gorgeous larger size dog with a medium level of energy. I am playful and fun-loving. Exploring new areas and being outside is one of my favorite things to do! I love walk time and also get really excited for meal time. I get along well with cats and other dogs and it´s easy for me to bond with humans, especially when I know they care about me. I used to live a life where I was free to wander the streets, therefore I often look for ways to leave the house and go where I want. I won´t go far if I know my human loves me, but I would do best in a place with a secure fence, or with an owner who always has me by their side and immediately seeks to know where I am if they can´t find me. Sometimes I will actively try to follow my human when they leave, because I know how much I´ll miss them when they´re gone. Please take this in consideration so you have a safe place for me to be when I can´t be with you. I would do great in a house with kids, although sometimes I can jump up when I am excited and due to my size I can be quite strong. When I am not out on walks exploring nature, I am at home laying around waiting for my next belly rub.


I had an owner, but somehow, I always ended up in the street, going wherever I wanted. As a result, many people in the community looked out for me to see if I was doing fine, that I had food and water and making sure I wasn´t sick. My previous owners never had me spayed, so I ended up having a litter of puppies in a dirt pile next to a super market. At that point, many people were very concerned, as the place where I was with my tiny little babies was hardly safe or clean. My previous owner finally came and picked me up and took me home and eventually found homes for my babies. Sadly, I ended up in the street again and in heat. Many male dogs were after me and I was likely to end up pregnant again, but a concerned community member called PATA and they took me to the spay and neuter clinic to be spayed right away. PATA spoke with my previous owner and they agreed that it would be best for me to end up in a home where I was looked after and didn´t end up wandering the streets alone. I am up for adoption, but only to responsible owners who will make sure she´s not wandering the streets, and that I am comfortably at home feeling loved.