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We dedicate our lives to PATA. We're on a mission 24/7 to help as many cats and dogs as we can in the community.

But we can't do this just the two of us. 

The most obvious way to help is to adopt or donate but if you can't, there are many other things you can do!


Our doggies always enjoy going for walks or just getting some extra love

We have a couple of volunteer shifts throughout the week and can help with transport to and from the refuge. 

In the morning, we meet around 8am and take the dogs for walks (usually 2 or 3, depending on how many dogs we have). 

Then it's cleaning and cuddle time.

In the afternoon, we also take the dogs for a couple of walks and then do the feeding. And of course, we wrap the day with some more cuddles!

"Volunteering with PATA has been so fun, rewarding and flexible. There’s something for everyone! 

It’s amazing to see all the dogs shine and grow each week! You can come as often or little as you like. Some people even come while they’re on vacation!

An amazing thing about volunteering is getting to make new friends, both with other volunteers and with the two amazing women behind the whole operation: Sally and Emma.

If you’ve been wanting to participate but haven’t made the leap, this is your push to reach out and try something new!"

- Caitlin 

Feel like this could be for you? Click here to come volunteer with us



Fostering can be a wonderful experience!

It gives the animal an opportunity to be in a loving family while waiting for its forever home. 

It also helps us have more space available at the refuge and rescue more fur friends. 

While you live with the animal, we're always available for anything you might need while fostering.

"In March 2023 Michael and I had the pleasure of fostering two amazing rescue PATA dogs. It was always a dream of mine to have two and Sally paired us perfectly with two dogs that fit into our life, needed each other to heal and thrive, while they healed and helped us in many ways we did not expect! Emma and Sally were so instrumental in answering questions, supporting us with accessing crates, nutrition tips, vet care when one got sick and teaching us holistic approaches to dog wellness and care. We learned so much from them and ended up bringing both dogs to Canada for a new life! They have been doing amazing and I know it’s because Patas Sámara Animal Rescue gave them their first start! I can’t encourage fostering more, amazing experience for everyone. Being a part of a dogs transformation is a beautiful thing to experience."

- Ciara

Want to foster a PATA animal? Click here to foster a dog! Or here to foster a cat! 


Being a non profit, we definitely need to be present online! Please make sure to follow us on our platforms!

Social media is a great way for us to find forever homes for our babies. But it also helps us raise awareness about our castration clinics and get some well needed donations for our rescues. 

We currently have a wonderful remote team helping us out by posting daily on Facebook and Instagram.

We also have a pretty active TikTok and a small YouTube channel.


But we could definitely use some more help for Facebook and Instagram.


If you want to be part of our online experience, please don't hesitate to reach out and you might join our social media team!  


"Working as part of the PATA Social Media team has been one of the most rewarding volunteer experiences I have ever had; there is nothing better than posting about a dog and seeing them get adopted shortly after! I also love getting regular updates on the rescues, and their health and their happiness! One of my favorite times on the social media team was posting for Ronnie, one of our past rescues! I met him right when he arrived at PATA and he spent most of his puppy life at the rescue but all of his siblings were adopted long before him…I was assigned Ronnie one week and created a post about how much he impacted me as a volunteer! Unbelievably, he was adopted the following week! Now, I get updates on him and his new family and it makes my heart so happy.

By joining our team, you will be able to make a direct impact in these dogs lives and see them thrive and grow as time goes on! What could be better than that!?"

- Lindsey

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