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Sammie Rey


I was adopted by 2 lovely women who live in Cartago. They saw my post and wanted to give me a loving home where I would always have company. I love my new life and I have a sister. She is a 2 year old husky and we play together all the time. Where I live now there are lots of trails to hike and we go to the dog park every day!


My former owners hit me, severely neglected my health and called me ugly. While I was with them, I was hit by a car and suffered a painful injury to my rear foot. Without seeking veterinary attention, my owners decided to cut off my paw. As a result I suffered unnecessary pain and the stump created friction injuries on my other leg.

Aside from my leg, I also suffered from tick fever, anemia and malnutrition. To avoid re-injury and further complications, PATA's vet amputated my damaged leg. Due to my poor health, it was almost 3 months after my rescue before I was well and strong enough to go through with the surgery. Now that I've had the procedure, I can move around more easily and enjoy being pain free. I love going on walks and hikes and playing with my friends. PATA say I'm am very brave and a loving, special soul.

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