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I got adopted into my forever home! I am now living right next to the beach with my owner Jasmin. There are other people living in our house and other dogs too so I always have company. I am receiving so much love, care and attention and love the adventures we all go on.


I lived with a local family from when I was a puppy and at 4 months old I was attacked by an adult Staffordshire Terrier dog. I suffered injuries to my head and still have scars but thankfully there was no lasting damage. Then some months later I was hit by a car and this time my back legs were damaged. As I didn't receive any veterinary care my legs are twisted and I am a little wobbly on them. But I get around just fine and love to go on walks.


Late last year I got sick with Erhlichia and became thin and weak. A concerned neighbour contacted PATA and they came to help me. They paid for my blood test, vet check ups, medicines and food while I stayed with my owner. However my owner didn't give me the medication correctly and I didn't gain any weight. My condition worsened and I ended the year too weak and ill to stand up or walk by myself. PATA came to my rescue and my owner relinquished me. I recuperated with Sally and made huge progress! I am a very loyal and sweet dog with so much love to give.

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