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I am now living a fantastic life in Vermont. My new owner Rebecca saw PATA's post about me and just knew I was to be her next dog!

She flew all the way to Costa Rica to get me and it was love at first sight for the both of us. She was right – we are meant to be together and we are so happy. And I have discovered the joy of playing in the snow!


PATA saw me on the street looking skinny and in bad shape. Most of my fur was missing, and I had very red, inflamed and irritated skin. I had an owner but they were not able to take care of me, and to be honest I was a little insecure around them. So PATA took me into their care and their vet did a blood analysis that revealed I had anemia from tick fever. Despite my difficult early life, I love people, dogs and cats too. I am very friendly loving and playful, and when I get excited I almost bounce!

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