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I got adopted! I am so happy to be living an amazing life in Playa Carrillo with my new family, just a short walk from the beach. My owners love taking me for walks and let me meet other dogs and people. I'm not quite a social butterfly yet, I'm still learning to trust, but little by little I am gaining more confidence in people and other animals. I know my owners absolutely adore me! I have definitely leveled up big time from my life of living on a chain almost 24/7. I am thriving and so happy.


I’m only about 5 months old but my life hasn’t been very fun until now. I was tied up and left alone for many hours a day and often without food or water. My owner said he loved me, but then he would go away and I would be left alone and sad with no one to play with. That was the hardest part, since I’m an energetic dog that wanted to make friends and cuddle with my human. Before PATA came to rescue me, a couple of nice people were feeding me and giving me water when I was left alone. The day PATA rescued me I found I had tick fever and that my immune system was low, causing papilloma warts to grow near my mouth. I’m taking vitamins now and finished my treatment for the tick fever and I’m feeling a lot better!!

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