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I have a family! I am now living a wonderful life with Olesya and Guy. I have a sister who I adore and lots of space to run and play. Olesya saw my post and knew I was meant to be part of the family. She and hubby Guy drove 7 hours to Samara to meet me and adopt me. Several weeks later they say it's as if I have always been part of their family. I am so happy!


The people of PATA were alerted to my sorry situation by a neighbor. I was tied up on a 1-meter chain almost continuously; I was neglected and obviously sick. When they rescued me I was very skinny, dehydrated and scared - especially of men. Despite this I have a strong spirit and I healed fast from my past. I lived with a loving foster family with dogs of their own, and my confidence grew! Everyone says my progress has been amazing to see! I love going for walks, exploring, eating and learning new things.

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