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PATA Samara Animal Rescue operates solely on the generosity of donors like you. As a legal non-profit in Costa Rica, we receive no government or charity funding, making your support crucial for our survival.


Every month, it costs us $4,082 on average to provide essential care for the animals. This includes:

  • $1,102 for refuge rent and utilities,

  • $830 for supplies,

  • $636 for vet services,

  • $576 for food,

  • $374 for medications,

  • $236 for petrol,

  • $188 for merchandise,

  • $140 for castration clinics.


Everybody at PATA is a volunteer, including Sally and Emma. We are all dedicating our time and effort to rescue and rehabilitate animals.


Despite organizing fundraisers, maintaining financial stability is incredibly challenging due to the high number of animals in need in the Samara area. Many of the animals we rescue arrive in terrible conditions, suffering from malnutrition, tick fever, injuries, and/or neglect. The initial costs of taking in these animals are substantial, as they often require immediate medical attention, rehabilitation, and ongoing care for months before they can be adopted. It costs on average $500 to rescue a new dog. 


Additionally, we extend our support to local families by helping their dogs and cats whenever possible. This community outreach increases our financial needs, making regular donations even more critical.

Your monthly donations ensure that we can continue to provide consistent, high-quality care and respond to emergencies promptly.


Without sufficient funds, our ability to save and support these animals is severely limited.

Join the PATA family by becoming a PATA Bestie today! As a monthly donor, you’ll be our hero, helping us provide ongoing care and support for our beloved furry friends. Together, we can make a lasting impact and create a brighter future for animals in need. Let’s make a difference, one month at a time!

By committing to a regular donation, you help us plan better and make a lasting impact on the lives of countless animals.

Join us in our mission to give every animal a chance at a loving and healthy life. Your support truly makes a difference.


If you believe in our mission and want to be part of this wonderful adventure, now is the right time!
We've tried our best to offer a variety of ways to donate. Here are the options:
Colones: 200-01-179-008291-1
IBAN : CR42 0151 1792 0010 0829 15
American Dollars: 200-02-179-002505-0
IBAN : CR89 0151 1792 0020 0250 54
You dont even need an account, just follow the link: Click here to donate now!
Since 2023, we're delighted to be featured on Amigos of Costa Rica. Amigos of Costa Rica is a nonprofit organization based in the United States, established in 2000 by the Costa Rica United States Foundation for Cooperation (CRUSA Foundation). Its mission is to connect international donors with vetted Costa Rican nonprofit initiatives, promoting sustainable development and improving quality of life in the country.

Amigos of Costa Rica provides numerous ways to donate such as: credit card payments, bank transfers, ApplePay, Zelle, Donor Advised Funds (DAF's) or cryptocurrency. 

By donating through Amigos of Costa Rica, American donors can enjoy tax deductions! It’s a win-win: you reduce your tax burden while helping us rescue and care for more animals.

Ready to make a difference? Every bit helps us give these wonderful animals the love and care they deserve. Thank you for your support!

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Calling All Business Owners!


Business owners, rental owners, and others can make a huge difference too! There are many free ways to support PATA:


Spread the Word: Talk about PATA to your customers, friends, and community.

Promotional Materials: Display information and QR codes about PATA in your business.

Small Donations: Consider asking for a small flat fee from your customers that will go directly towards helping the animals.


These simple actions can create a big impact without costing you a penny. Join us in making a real difference in the lives of these animals!


Donate Prizes for Our Raffles!


We regularly organize raffles with a wide variety of prizes, and your donated prizes could make a huge difference! It’s a fantastic way to support us and also provides great exposure for your business. Imagine your prize bringing joy to the winner and showing your support for our cause!

If you're interested, please contact us!

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