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PATA was founded in April 2019 and is run by Sally Ella Horn and Emma Martinelli.


Our organisation is an officially registered non-profit in Costa Rica. However we receive no Government funding and rely on your generous support to keep running. 




- Run a dog refuge where abandoned, sick and neglected dogs are cared for and nursed back to health.

- Organize foster care for abandoned and sick cats and kittens.

- Arrange adoptions into responsible forever homes.

- Work with other rescue organisations to fly our dogs to their new homes in the US and Canada.

- Subsidize low cost spay and neuter opportunities.

- Trap, castrate and release street cats to help control the population.

- Report cases of neglect and abuse to the authorities.

  • How does PATA function financially?
    PATA is an officially registered non profit here in Costa Rica. We do not receive any government or charity funding. We rely solely on donations and money we manage to raise with our local events.
  • Are you getting paid to run PATA?
    No we’re not. We’re dedicating our lives 24/7 but can’t afford to pay anyone, including ourselves.
  • Do you have cats at the refuge?
    No. Because we have 20+ dogs, cats are usually in foster homes while we supervise their recovery and adoption.
  • Can you rescue horses or wild life?
    No. We only rescue cats and dogs.
  • Why can’t I find PATA’s location?
    Sally lives at PATA. In order to protect her privacy (and avoid having cats and dogs dumped at the refuge) we only communicate this information to people who come to volunteer or adopt.
  • Do you do boarding?
    No we can’t. We have a very limited space and unfortunately almost always have a waiting list for new rescues needing our help.
  • Are there requirements to adopt a PATA pet?
    Yes there are. We want to make sure our rescues end up in a safe place and that you can provide them all the love, care and medical attention they need. Just fill out an adoption form and we’ll probably get in touch with you.
  • Can I adopt a dog if I don’t live in Samara or even in Costa Rica?
    Yes you can. If you’re the right fit, we’ll do everything we can to help with transport. Some of our dogs even flew to the US or Canada, thanks to amazing flight volunteers!
  • What if things don't work out with the pet I just adopted?
    All of our animals are rescues. They come with their own stories, and we usually ask that you try to spend a week with them, to give them time to adjust (it can take months for a fur friend to feel completely at home!). We want you and your new best friend to have the best experience and life ever. So we're always available to hear how things are going and maybe give you tips if you feel like you need some.
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