at our dog refuge as assistant manager.


Stay in your own private casita on our beautiful Refuge property located just 1.5km from a beautiful quiet beach.


Although PATA is a legal non-profit organization here in Costa Rica, we receive no Government or charity funding. We rely on your donations to keep going. No donation is too small and the more we receive, the more impact we can make.


Our shelter is small so fostering one of our rescues while we find its forever home is an important and vital contribution to our work.


We always need help – from admin and advertising to dog walking and pet socializing, as well as the less glamorous job of cleaning up after the animals!  Please contact us and get involved!


Consider an annual cash donation

of $500 or more. Our dedicated

program manager will meet with

you to discuss which marketing

modes best fit your unique business needs to enhance your brand, drive business through your door and bolster your bottom line based on your desired level of support.



Adopting a rescued animal is so rewarding. These animals have often come from situations of neglect and abuse but are such loving pets.


Spaying and neutering helps prevent suffering and is an integral part of what we do.

Homeless cats and dogs suffer as strays. These animals are the result of unplanned litters that could have been prevented by spaying or neutering.

We offer low cost spay/neuter surgery to the local community, which we subsidize. The cost to community members is a lot less than the cost of having and caring for a litter. Spaying and neutering is the most effective way to reduce the number of animals suffering on the streets.  


Pretty much every community in our area has a stray cat population and they multiply rapidly. These poor cats are not vaccinated, and are typically malnourished therefore are prone to infectious diseases which result in a short and poor quality life. What we currently do is prevent suffering and more unwanted kittens by locating cat colonies in specific areas, trapping males and females, castrating them, and then releasing them back into their environment.

We also ensure that these cat communities get regular, good quality food and we have volunteers that monitor their health.


Our community-outreach program aims to connect pet owners with the resources and education they need to keep their animals happy and healthy. PATA travels to places where there are no veterinary services, to provide castration surgeries and wellness clinics that offer low-cost vaccinations, medications and general examinations. We teach pet owners how to identify the signs of illness, disease or accidents, so that they can treat their animal before illness or injury progresses to a more serious stage.


The program also aims to control feral cat populations by trapping and neutering. PATA requires volunteers in the community to help coordinate clinics and gather information, as well as collaboration with local businesses to help with funding. Please contact us if you would like to help and / or get involved.


PATA was co-founded by Emily Rawlings and Sally Ella Horn in April 2019

We are passionate animal lovers and actually met over a dog incident! We quickly became good friends and realized that the animal welfare in our community needed improvement.  What started out as just wanting to rescue dogs and drink wine (on the beach) soon grew into a full time job and our legal non-profit organization was born. Despite the serious nature of what we do we always try to keep a sense of humour and work with paw-sitive vibes.



  • Provide care for abandoned and homeless dogs and cats.

  • Arrange foster care.

  • Arrange adoptions into responsible forever homes.

  • Provide low cost spay and neuter opportunities.

  • Offer low cost vaccine programs.

  • Subsidized vet care for low-income families with pets in need.

  • Arrange neutering programs for street cat populations.

  • Outreach programs – providing vet services to rural communities.

  • Educate community members about pet care and the Animal Welfare law.

  • Report cases of neglect and abuse to the authorities.

Michelle Simpson

Branding & Marketing 


Kathy Raymond

Event Planner

& Spreadsheet Whizz


Shannon Schmidt

Sponsorship Program Manager


Jen Rae

Fundraising Co-ordinater

& Foster Mum


Amy Roy

Social Media Publisher

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Ariana Di Filippo

Social Media Publisher
& Photographer


Lenis Garcia

Social Media Publisher


Lindsey Kells

Social Media Publisher


Ronny Ruiz Lopez

Foster Dad

& Handyman

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We are located in

Samara, Costa Rica

+506 8358-2999

We will get back to you within 24 hours, we are busy saving animals.